Uganda’s Lady Justice (2020)

Uganda’s Lady Justice

Dokumentarfilm, D 2020, 25 min | Buch und Regie Beatrice Möller und Anne Thoma| Bildgestaltung Jide Tom Akinlemu | Schnitt Karoline SchulzProduktion FILM FIVE Florian Schewe

Susan Kigula is a self-confident, strong woman. Like a business woman she carries her laptop under her arm, always well dressed and full of power and determination. Her turbulent life story is still shaping her everyday life. Charged with murdering her husband and sentenced to death in 2002 her life seemed to be over. But giving up was never an option for Susan and will never be. While in prison she studied law via a distance learning course, filing a legal case against the state, taking with her the fate of her fellow female inmates on death row.
She made it up to the Supreme Court of Uganda and in an historic verdict on January 21st, 2009 she changed the laws of her country: no more mandatory death sentence on charges of murder. Susan saved the lives of hundreds of prisoners as well as her own. After 16 years in prison in 2016, she could walk free again. Today her life revolves around fighting the death penalty word wide. She helms her own organisation, helping orphaned children of prisoners and empowering former female inmates in their reintegration. A challenge no one else is tackling in Uganda.