Shalom Salam (2006)

Shalom Salam

Documentary, D 2006, 60 min | Director Beatrice Möller, Nicola Hens | Cinematographer Nicola Hens | Editing Beatrice Möller, Nicola Hens | Production Bauhaus Universität Weimar

»If I could I would strangle them«, says Rana. And Tal says »I would like to make peace.« They meet in a summer camp – children from Palestine and Israel, who are curious and anxious about each other. They are out for a few days of fun without their parents and their usually very political everyday-life. The T-shirts show the slogan »We Are the future«, printed by adults who organise this light-hearted gathering of children whose parents are enemies. But what will the future be? Will these children be able to overcome the conflicts and prejudices that shape their parents lives? Five children from both sides tell about their personal middle-east conflict.

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