Omulaule means black (2003)

Omulaule means black

Documentary, D 2003, 66 min | Director Beatrice Möller, Nicola Hens und Susanne Radelhof | Cinematography Nicola Hens | Editing Beatrice Möller, Nicola Hens und Susanne Radelhof | Production Bauhaus Universität Weimar

The “German Democratic Republic (GDR) children of Namibia” still remember many details about their 11 year long stay in the GDR. Shortly after the fall of communism and Namibias Independency, they returned to their home country – a country from which they had become strangers.

GDR-Children of Namibia are a group of more than 400 Black Namibian children that grew up in GDR. During the liberation struggle of SWAPO against South African occupation of Namibia they were relocated from 1979 onwards from various refugee camps to GDR and only came back in 1990 at the onset of Namibian independence. They were mostly unprepared for their return.


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