Freedom Fighter (2016)

Freedom Fighter

Documentary, D 2015, 45 min | Director Beatrice Möller| Cinematography Michael Maylandt | Editing Hauke von Stietencron| Commissioning Editor BR Christiane von Hahn | Commissioned by Bayerischer Rundfunk

Julia lived a happy childhood life in Stralsund ( East- Germany). With the second marriage of her mother and the move to Bavaria everything changed for her. Six years she had to live with a violent stepfather before she new how to free herself.
But with all the aggression and anger in her she had no outlet, Julia turned into a violent aggressive little lady who did not know how to help herself. Until one day she got introduced to kickboxing. She started training and straight away had great successes. Finally she found where she was good in.
Next to her job a a federal police woman in Germany she holds 3 wold champion medals in 3 different weight categories. Freedom boxer is a portrait about a very courageous young woman who decided not to be the victim anymore.

Broadcasting in Germany TV,  23.05.2016, 21 pm 


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